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Obtain a business address for registration with the Chamber of Commerce

Your professional address affordable and arranged within a day

Registration at the Chamber of Commcerce, requires a business address. If you don’t have an office address, is the perfect and affordable solution.

Are you a (starting) entrepeneur who wants to register their company or additional location at the Chamber of Commerce? Make a professional start. At the registration they will require a business address. Perhaps you operate from your home address and are not (yet) in need of an expensive office. Or you live in a small town and want a business address in a large city to give your company a certain allure. Obtain a business address from in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. You can use our address as a rental agreement or correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce.

Freelancers, independent contractors and companies, also abroad

For freelancers, independent contractors or other self-employed entrepreneurs who operate from their home address, it can be desirable to use a business postal address for a professional appearance. The first step towards a successful business. Are you the owner of a Dutch company looking for a branch office on another location? In that case our business address service is the ideal solution. Or perhaps you are considering living abroad but want to maintain a Dutch address for your company. A Dutch postal address is also effective for foreign companies who want to operate on the Dutch market.
We can forward your mail and packages.


Our business address service starts at € 49,50 per month.

We do not require direct debit or a financial guarantee! All prices are exclusive of VAT. We only require a one-off registration fee of € 60,50


Apply for your business address today: fill out the registration form or call 088 20 42 042. Affordable and arranged within a day!


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