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Clients prefer companies that they can reach and speak to in person. An outstanding customer service is extremely important. We understand that you don’t always have the time to speak to your clients. Therefore you can have your telephone answered by our professional receptionists.

Easily satisfied customers

When choosing our All-in-one package your clients will always be able to reach your company and ask their questions or leave a message, even when you are at work, in a meeting or staying abroad. Our professional receptionists will answer the phone with your company name and are trained to speak to your clients in a kind and professional manner. Your clients will feel heard and taken seriously.
Our receptionists send you a transcript of the phone call or when it is urgent they will contact you directly.
With our virtual office you are always available and you can trust us to handle your phone calls properly.
Smart business is choosing our All-in-one package.

Temporary discount price € 99,50* per month!

*Discount prices are valid for 6 months.


The Professional package includes 25 telephone calls.
After 50 phone calls we charge € 55,00 for each 25 extra telephone calls.

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