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Postal address Plus

A business address plus a telephone forwarding service

By choosing a business address you have an advantage over your competitors. It’s all about a professional appearance, and at the same time you save a lot of time and money.

Professional appearance and always available

Sign up for our Plus package and you will never have to miss another phone call. On top of the services from our Basic package you can also use our telephone forwarding service. You will always be available to your clients on your local telephone number from Amsterdam or Eindhoven. When a client dials your number they are being diverted to a number of your choosing, completely unnoticed, and they get you on the phone.
Our Plus package ensures that you are always available.

The same option is also available with a fax number.
Faxes are immediately forwarded to your location.

Temporary discount prices € 79,50* per month!

*Discount prices are valid for 6 months.

Apply for your professional business address today by filling out the registration form or call 088 20 42 042


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