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Obtain a business address for registration with the Chamber of Commerce

Your professional address affordable and arranged within a day

Registration at the Chamber of Commcerce, requires a business address. If you don’t have an office address, is the perfect and affordable solution.

Are you a (starting) entrepeneur who wants to register their company or additional location at the Chamber of Commerce? Make a professional start. At the registration they will require a business address. Perhaps you operate from your home address and are not (yet) in need of an expensive office. Or you live in a small town and want a business address in a large city to give your company a certain allure. Obtain a business address from in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. You can use our address as a rental agreement or correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce.

Freelancers, independent contractors and companies, also abroad

For freelancers, independent contractors or other self-employed entrepreneurs who operate from their home address, it can be desirable to use a business postal address for a professional appearance. The first step towards a successful business. Are you the owner of a Dutch company looking for a branch office on another location? In that case our business address service is the ideal solution. Or perhaps you are considering living abroad but want to maintain a Dutch address for your company. A Dutch postal address is also effective for foreign companies who want to operate on the Dutch market.
We can forward your mail and packages.


Our business address service starts at € 49,50 per month.

We do not require direct debit or a financial guarantee! All prices are exclusive of VAT. We only require a one-off registration fee of € 50,-


Apply for your business address today: fill out the registration form or call 0800 535 35 35. Affordable and arranged within a day!


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Additional service to your advantage

To further professionalise your company you can also subscribe to our telephone forwarding service. Your local telephone number will be forwarded to a telephone number of your choice. Or you can choose our telephone answering service: our receptionists will answer your calls on your behalf in a kind and professional manner.

Or you can come in and work at one of our flexible workplaces at affordable rates. Meeting with your clients in professional meeting rooms is also one of the possibilities for a professional appearance towards your clients.

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